DeCOS Technology

Of the methods for cleaning gases from COS, the most common are its extraction with an aqueous solution of diethanolamine (DEA), followed by the regeneration of DEA, saturated with COS hydrolysis products, at 120-130 ° C (DeCOS-2 technology), as well as COS hydrolysis with a hot alkali solution, flowing at a temperature of 80°C.

DeCOS-1 technology. is aimed at purifying light hydrocarbon feedstock, in particular PPF, from carbonyl sulfide by its hydrolysis in hydrocarbons by reaction with an alkaline reagent (promoter) containing water-soluble polar organic compounds, followed by separation and regeneration of an alkaline reagent saturated with sulfur compounds by air treatment in the presence of a heterogeneous catalyst KSM- X. The main advantages of the proposed method are the availability of polar water-soluble organic compounds contained in the alkaline reagent, their high efficiency in the decomposition of carbonyl sulfide and insolubility in hydrocarbons, which allows the process of decomposition of carbonyl sulfide in the purified light hydrocarbon feedstock at temperatures of 30÷40°C and eliminates the need for its subsequent water flushing.