Basic design


R&D LLC «AhmadullinS» provides a range of services for the development of the Basic Design of new and reconstruction of existing installations for the demercaptanization of hydrocarbon raw materials and the neutralization of sulphurous-alkaline effluents of oil refining and petrochemical industries in accordance with the Regulations on the initial data for design dated 30.01.2002.

APPROVED by the Deputy Minister of Industry, Science and Technology of the Russian Federation Tereshchenko GF January 30, 2002 and RD 39-135-94 Standards for technological design of gas processing plants.

According to the Basic Designs issued by LLC R&D Center «AhmadullinS», author’s supervision is carried out at the stage of detailed design, construction, commissioning and operation of installations, including:

  • architectural supervision at the stage of detailed design;
  • checking the correct installation of equipment;
  • loading of heterogeneous catalyst into apparatuses of the plant;
  • operator training;
  • architectural supervision during start-up and putting the unit into operation;
  • architectural supervision during the operation of the installation.

The main sections of the Basic Design (Initial data for design):

  1. Introduction
  2. General information about process technology
  3. Technical level, patentability and patent purity of the process
  4. Characteristics of raw materials, products, main and auxiliary materials
  5. Technical characteristics of waste and emissions
  6. Process technology
  7. Conditions for the process
  8. Consumption rates of basic and auxiliary materials
  9. Material and heat balance of the process
  10. Physical and chemical bases of the process
  11. Specification of technological equipment
  12. Physico-chemical and thermophysical properties of initial, intermediate, by-products, finished products and production wastes
  13. Recommendations on the design and material design of technological equipment
  14. Production control and management
  15. Safety, industrial sanitation and fire prevention
  16. Environmental protection
  17. Recommendations for starting and stopping the plant
  18. Questionnaires for equipment
  19. CIP Questionnaires
  20. P&ID chart

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