Ethyl mercaptan

In 2023, R&D AhmadullinS LLC, in accordance with TU 72.19.14-007-44178696-2023 and RPB No., began the production of ethanethiol.

Ethanthiol (Ethylmercaptan) is a colorless, transparent volatile liquid with a characteristic smell of household gas. Slightly soluble in water. Soluble in organic solvents, non-concentrated alkalis, alcohols, acetone. Decomposes on heating, releasing toxic gases. Burning, flammable and explosive. Poisonous, belongs to the 2nd hazard class.

Ethanthiol is used as an odorant for household, liquefied gas, a chemical reagent and for the production of hypnotics (sulfonal, etc.)


Ethanthiol (TU 72.19.14-007-44178696-2023)

Name of indicatorNorm for the brand
1. Mass fraction of the basic substance, %98,0-99,9
2. Melting point, °C-148
3. Boiling point, °C34,7
4. Density, g/cm30,840