• Akhmadullina A.G. in 1968 she graduated with honors from the Kazan Institute of Chemical Technology.

  • From 1973 to 2000, she worked at the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Hydrocarbon Raw Materials (VNIIUS) as a junior then senior researcher at the laboratory «Modeling the processes of preparing petrochemical raw materials.»

  • In 1974 she defended her thesis on the topic «Phosphorous acid esters - color stabilizers of high-density polyethylene inhibited by bisphenol» with the award of the degree of candidate of chemical sciences. Also with her participation in 1974, the homogeneous catalytic process «VNIIUS-12» was developed and implemented - a method for alkaline demercaptanization of light hydrocarbon raw materials.

  • since 1980 - in the position of head of laboratory No. 12 «Adsorption and catalytic processes of oil refining».

  • In 1983, headed by Akhmadullina A.G., laboratory No. 12 of VNIIUS. a heterogeneous phthalocyanine catalyst of the KS series on a polymer carrier was developed and patented, with the use of which it was developed and implemented at refineries and petrochemical plants.

  • In 1984 she received the academic title of Senior Researcher with a degree in Chemical Technology of Fuels and Gas.

  • Since 1985, the LOKOS process and since 1990 the Demer-LUVS process have been put into operation at refineries

  • In 2000 Akhmadullina Alfiya Garipovna became an Individual Entrepreneur and in 2004 created a scientific and technical center R&D center «AhmadullinS: Science and Technologies», located at Kazan, 420029, Sibirskiy Trakt, 34, building 10.

  • In 2020, Akhmadullina Alfiya Garipovna opens LLC Scientific and Technical Center Akhmadullina.

  • In 2021, a division for the development of low-tonnage chemistry will open at the site of the Technopolis «Khimgrad» at the address Kazan, 420095, Vosstanya street, building 138D.