In 2023, R&D AhmadullinS LLC, in accordance with TU 72.19.14-010-44178696-2023 and RPB No., began the production of 1-butanethiol.

1-Butanethiol (n-Butyl Mercaptan) is a transparent to yellowish volatile, flammable liquid with an extremely unpleasant odor, strong garlic, cabbage, or skunk odor. Slightly soluble in water.

1-Butanethiol is used as a household gas odorant. It is used as an industrial solvent, an intermediate for the synthesis of pesticides, and as an agrochemical intermediate for maintaining fertile land, for growing crops and healthy livestock. Used as an additive to oils.


1-Butanethiol (TU 72.19.14-010-44178696-2023)

Name of indicatorNorm for the brand
1. Mass fraction of the basic substance, %98-99,9
2. Melting point, °C-115,9
3. Boiling point, °C98,2
4. Density, g/cm30,842
5. Flash point, °C3,3