Mercaptans (thiols)

     Natural gas has neither color nor smell, so it is quite difficult to detect a gas leak. To ensure the safety of transport and use of gas, it is odorized, that is, it is specially given a sharp and unpleasant odor. For this purpose, odorants are introduced into the gas – substances that warn of the presence of gas in the air. The reagents used for gas odorization must be physiologically harmless, non-aggressive towards metals and materials of gas networks and devices, and inert to the components of gas. All these requirements are met to a greater extent by such sulfur compounds as ethyl mercaptan, propyl mercaptans, etc.

     In 2023, R&D AhmadullinS LLC began producing mercaptans (ethanethiol, isopropanethiol, tert-butanethiol, iso-butanethiol, n-butanethiol, n-propanethiol) using its own technology as components for natural and liquefied hydrocarbon gas odorants.