Sulfo-phthalocyanine catalyst KS-DCDSPC

In 2020, in accordance with TU 2175-004-40655797-2019 and RPB No. 0132628813.20.57813, R&D Center «Akhmadullins» began production of a liquid homogeneous catalyst for the demercaptanization of hydrocarbons and oxidative neutralization of sulfur-containing effluents KS-DCDSPC (similar to MEROX-WS) – sul fontated cobalt phthalocyanine The main catalytic component is cobalt dichloro-disulfo-phthalocyanine salt.

• The rate constant of the sodium mercaptide oxidation reaction is not less than 20×10-4 s-1.
• Production time – 1 month.
• The KS-DCDSPC catalyst is poured into a polymer container with a volume of 10.0 dm3.