In 2023, R&D AhmadullinS LLC, in accordance with TU 72.19.14-009-44178696-2023 and RPB No., began the production of propanethiol.

2-propanethiol (isopropanethiol) is a transparent liquid with a characteristic unpleasant odor. Slightly soluble in water. 2-propanethiol has a less potent odorant than tertiary butyl mercaptan, but has a lower freezing point and higher vapor pressure. Flammable – low flash point. May form explosive mixtures with air.

2-propanethiol is used as an odorant for household, liquefied gas, chemical reagent. 2-Propanthiol can be used as a standard and intermediate for oil analysis.

2-Propanthiol (TU 72.19.14-009-44178696-2023)

Name of indicatorNorm for the brand
1. Mass fraction of the basic substance, %97-99,9
2. Melting point, °C-131
3. Boiling point, °C57-60
4. Density, g/cm30,82
5. Flash point, °C-34