Sulfuric anhydride

(R&D Center) AhmadullinS, in 2023, in accordance with TU 72.19.14-006-44178696-2023 and RPB No. 44178696.20.85508, began the production of sulfuric anhydride.

Sulfuric anhydride (sulfur oxide (VI), sulfur trioxide, sulfuric gas) is the highest sulfur oxide. Anhydride of sulfuric acid. in normal conditions, a highly volatile, colorless liquid with a pungent odour. Very toxic.

Sulfuric anhydride is used in industry for the sulfonation of aromatic compounds. In organic chemistry, it is used as a water-remover or oxidizing agent.

Sulfuric anhydride must comply with the requirements and standards specified in table 1.

Table 1

Name of indicatorBrand norm (clean)
1. AppearanceSulfuric anhydride must be homogeneous, free of mechanical impurities
2. Mass fraction of free sulfur trioxide (SO3), %99,2 - 100
3. Boiling point, ℃45
4. Melting point, ℃16,8
5. Specific weight, g / cm31,92