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News for January – April 2018

News for January – April 2018

  1. A License Agreement has been signed for the transfer of non-exclusive License for the use of inventions in the field of LPG mercaptans removal with LLC “Afipsky Refinery” (New Stream Group).
  2. Basic Design Project was issued for the block of LPG amine treatment from hydrogen sulphide and alkaline treatment from mercaptans for LLC “Afipsky Refinery”.
  3. The patent of the Russian Federation No.2644779 “CATALYST FOR LIQUID PHASE OXIDATION OF SODIUM SULPHIDE” is obtained.
  4. The patent of the Russian Federation No.2647591 “METHOD OF JOINT PRODUCTION OF POLYCHINONS AND ETHYLENE BISPHENOL” is obtained.
  5. At the end of March 2018, KSM-X catalyst was loaded at AGFU unit of LLC “LUKOIL-NNOS”
  6. A rotary-evaporative pilot unit for regeneration of solvents was commissioned.
  7. R&D Center has signed a contract with JSC “Gazpromneft-Moscow Refinery” for the manufacture and supply of KSM-X catalyst batch used for the regeneration of the mercaptide-containing alkaline solution at 400 GFU section of the Combined Oil Refining Unit.
  8. A scientific article has been published: Shilov V.N., Khakimova G.A., Semina O.V., Akhmadullina A.G. – “EFFICIENCY OF CHICKEN BROILERS REARING WITH INCLUSION OF “BISPHENOL-5” ANTIOXIDANT IN THE RATION”. Bulletin of Kazan GAU № 4 (47) 2017, p.107-110.

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13 January 2021
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