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License agreement with JSOC “Bashneft”

6 March 2015. Licensor Private Entrepreneur Ahmadullina AG and Licensee JSOC “BASHNEFT” signed an agreement on the transfer of non-exclusive license to Licensee by Licensor under patents no. 2173330, 2110324 , 2529500. Agreement covers “the sweetening way (mercaptan removal) of LPG by regeneration of alkaline solution saturated with mercaptides in presence of KSM-X catalyst” for sweetening propane-butane fraction formed on delayed coking unit.

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Results of 2020

Friends, Colleagues, our Dear Customers! Please accept our sincere congratulations on the upcoming New Year! We wish your health, happiness, well-being, success and prosperity in business in 2021! The outgoing 2020 year was full of important events, bold projects and the successful work of all divisions of the R&D Center “AhmadullinS – Science and Technologies”: …

13 January 2021
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