Research Department

The main tasks of the research department

  • organization of scientific research, experimental design, experimental technological work (hereinafter referred to as R&D) and services;
  • development of international scientific and technical cooperation in order to ensure the entry of (R&D Center) «AhmadullinS» to the world market with science-intensive products and technologies;
  • implementation of organizational and economic measures to attract budgetary and extra-budgetary financial resources to (R&D Center) «AhmadullinS» received for the implementation of scientific research and development, implementation of relations of (R&D Center) «AhmadullinS» with customers of developments, including from high-tech industries;
  • promoting the development of innovation and commercialization of research and development;
  • organization of production and testing, prototypes of the developed equipment and other products;
  • preparation of documents for state registration and reporting on R&D;
  • creation, improvement and maintenance of the material and technical base for scientific research and development based on the use of the latest achievements of domestic and foreign technology, including measuring instruments, control and testing equipment;
  • assistance in the creation of the results of intellectual activity, ensuring the legal protection of scientific developments and intellectual property, the implementation of copyright for objects of development;
  • creation of organizational and economic conditions for the wide involvement of scientific, pedagogical, engineering and other personnel, doctoral students, graduate students and students in the performance of research and development work, and, if necessary, employees of third-party organizations;
  • creation of conditions for the wide dissemination of the results of scientific research by (R&D Center) «AhmadullinS»;
  • organization of reporting to ordering and regulatory authorities;
  • development of regulations, local normative and methodological documents of (R&D Center) «AhmadullinS».